Alda Kushi, ADI candidate for Academic Senate of the University of Bari

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Alda Kushi

Alda Kushi, ADI candidate for Academic Senate of the University of Bari

Alda Kushi is the ADI candidate for the Academic Senate of the University of Bari

I was born in Durazzo on September 1st, 1986. I studied in Tirana at the Università Nostra Signora del Buon Consiglio where I took a joint bachelor degree with the University of Bari in Political Sciences.
Attracted by the University of Bari, I decided to continue my studies here, by attending the Master’s Degree Course in International Relationships.

My passion for studying and for Bari, the city that adopted me, pushed me to carry on my post-lauream training path here, both inside and outside the University. Such a passion resulted in the acquirement of the PhD student status, by passing the test at the Law Department, for the 29th cycle.

Since I frequently spent some time studying in the PhD student’s room of the Dept. of Political Sciences, I had the opportunity to attend some ADI-Bari meeting; those gathering occasions started to raise my interest, both for academic purposes and in a social sense, being a great potential opportunity of cooperation and teamwork. As soon as I started my PhD, I began being interested in the issues concerning our category.

My candidacy at the Senato Accademico is the result of a shared journey through several assemblies. I propose to collect the requests of our community bringing them in the Senato, and at the same time to report to all the colleagues information, decisions, and everything else will come out from the sessions of the Senato Accademico and from the meetings I will attend.

For me, and the whole ADI, the main purpose is to make our vote carry weight inside the Senato Accademico. For this reason we need to stick close together, cooperate and confront our thoughts, because only through this sharing we can build better ideas, with the most powerful determination to achieve our goals.

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